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Planning and Interior Design


A House plan is the design or map of the house that you are set to construct. It can be termed as the blueprint or the drawing of your house, both interior and exterior, which provides construction specifications of your house. The house planning includes everything ranging from layout, house dimensions, materials, technique and so on.


House planning is essential before you think of building a house. It is better if you do it professionally so that you can utilize more space. In addition, you can plan it accordingly so that the house gets more natural light, enough air and cross ventilation.

Planning includes a lot many things including forming the outline of the house. This task can also be entrusted to an architect who could create the outline depending on your requirement and budget.


Architects use various styles of architecture like modern, contemporary, traditional and eco-friendly and so on. They offer the best elevation designs. They study the requirements and also check for any potential problems while planning the house. There are many important things that needs attention before constructing a house, like water, drainage, electricity as well as other things like protection from noise and pollution, if any, in the locality. Moreover, they also keep in view Vastu and it implications while designing your house. They also use new techniques and technologies that save time and money of the client.


The concept of hiring professional services for house planning in India is now getting popular. At first you get a hand- sketched draft of the house layout to view it as a whole. For this, you need accurate dimensions of your rooms, of your living space, storage, closets and so on. You also need dimension of your windows, doors, closets etc. Once the first draft is ready, you can finalize the layout and go ahead with to the next phase, which is building the house.


At Stdio Bull, we provide you the best architectural house plans based on your needs and requirements. We have an experienced and professional team of architects offering House Planning services. They know their job well and provide you the best results as far as designing your house is concerned. We provide affordable house planning services based on client’s requirements on appropriate design and measurement of rooms such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen etc. Our designs are creative as well as innovative. Moreover, our house plans can be customized and tailor made as per your needs.


Our expert team takes care of all the minute details required while planning a house, which goes a long way in making your house your dream home. Along with house planning, we will also provide you services like decoration of your house, furnishing and lighting of your house and so on. Visit us to know more about our products and services.


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